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Dear members of the federation and partners of our community,

The foundations of our federation were laid in 1936 under the name of Mountaineering and Winter Sports Community which was officially registered as Turkish Mountaineering Federation after the separation of mountaineering and skiing branches in 1966. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the presidents, executives and trainers who have contributed to the institutionalization of our federation since then.

As we all know, I was elected the president at the 4. Ordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Mountaineering Federation of Turkey which was held on 6 November 2016 thanks to the favor of the representatives. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who deem me worthy of this honorable duty and also to my family who have always stood behind me. I had pronounced as a candidate that a participatory approach would be adopted on duty and had started out with an all-embracing management mentality. Because, sports branches like ours totally require team spirit and solidarity. The only path to success on the way to the peak is the company of our partners to whom we trust with our lives. That is why we promise to be unifying and not dividing.

Dear friends, we are at your service and readily available for you with our projects which we believe will take our federation much further. We shaped our projects up to be in accordance with sustainable mountaineering, an ever-growing federation and a participative management mentality. With our projects, our primary objective is to achieve success and improvement in the branches of mountain climbing, sports climbing and ski mountaineering. It is one of our foremost aims -in the field of mountain climbing- to set up the necessary technical, executive and administrative structure in order to be able to climb the 8000ers. We intend to crown our achievements and spiritual pleasure we experienced in the branch of mountain climbing with the new medals we will get in the branches of ski mountaineering and sports climbing.

As is known, the branch of sports climbing is added to the program of Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games by the General Assembly at the IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the opening of the Olympic Games. Our federation being accepted as one of the Olympic sports has undoubtedly increased our responsibility. Within this scope, we are aiming at contributing to the prestige and publicity of our country through successes we will gain as well as through national and international championships that we have arranged and will arrange in the branches of both sports climbing and ski mountaineering.

Always keeping up with the standards of the world by constantly renewing ourselves, our main concern is to work our federation up into a world-renowned one for its activities, services and sports achievements. There is no doubt that our basic value is to improve our federation by adding to what is already done, that is, without ignoring institutional memory. We open our hearts and doors to everyone accompanying us to this end.

Good understanding of ‘team spirit’ for a better federation and our struggle to achieve our mission will shape the improvement of all our sports branches.

Prof. Dr. Ersan BAŞAR
President of Turkish Mountaineering Federation

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